Friday, 8 November 2013

Presentation Ceremony Friday 8th November

This is a day of many parts.  

The Presentation of gifts to the Sheriffs and Lord Mayor is another tradition of great interest - taking part in the Guildhall Art Gallery.

Organisations linked to the new Sheriffs and Lord Mayor choose a gift to present - with some prior liaison taking place to avoid duplication.

The Marketors had chosen to present a leather bound diary, personalised by gold blocking to the Company and Sir Paul.  I presented it to Sir Paul after expressing the Company's delight in seeing a Past Master of the Company progress to Aldermanic Sheriff.  I expressed the observation that Sir Paul might have a large number of visitors to the Old Bailey.

A delegation from each organisation is called forward in turn, and the receiving Sheriff or Lord Mayor stands to receive the delegation and the gift, with congratulations passed and thanks given.  Bows are given and returned before and after.

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