Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dinner with Solicitors Company, Clothworkers Hall Wednesday 27th September

The Solicitors Company originated in 1908, the brainchild of four solicitors practising in the City at that time.  It became the second of the modern livery companies (No.79) on 24th May 1944 and received its Royal Charter in 1957.  The Company has 391 Liverymen and 1391 Freemen.  Its sister organisation is The City of London Law Society which represents the professional interests of City solicitors and this has 56 Corporate Members covering over 15,000 solicitors working in the City.

One striking feature of the Solicitors Livery Dinner was the number of Masters present from across the Livery - about 18, together with their Clerks.  I was sat next to the Revd Canon Roger Hall, Honorary Chaplain to the Solicitors whose is Canon to the Chapels Royal within the Tower of London and a Chplain to the Queen.  He is fundraising for the refurbishment of the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula - the parish church to the Tower of London and situated within its walls.  In the past I have had the pleasure of singing in the chapel with the Parliament Choir.  It is the parish church for the Yeoman Warders of the Guard and their families - commonly known as the Beefeaters.  He was a delightful and informative companion for the evening.

The response was by His Honour Judge Brian Barker QC, the Recorder of London who was entertaining.

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