Monday, 3 June 2013

Visit to Guildhall Library - Monday 3rd June

We were given an interesting and informative insight into the history of Guildhall and its library in particular by Peter Ross, the Librarian.  A library was originally established using funds in the legacy of Lord Mayor and Mercer Richard Whittington but we learned that the Duke of Somerset requisitioned all the books for his new library at Somerset House.  He was executed for exceeding his duties.
The current library has 200,000 titles and has been established since 1820 - positioned in various locations around Guildhall.  It includes a first folio edition of Shakespeare, the copy of Magna Carta and the Bills of Mortality since 1665. Since 1880 it has housed the Stock Exchange collection and Lloyds of London registrations from 1740.
A display had been set out by Peter for the Marketors and guests present - some with great marketing interest and these items were introduced to us and explained.  There is certainly much to interest for anyone with the time to spend a day browsing or doing research - this has to be the most comprehensive information source on London and its history and complements the Museum of London.
Afterwards we adjourned to the Globe at Moorgate for a supper and some excellent fellowship.  The event was brilliantly conceived and organised by Laurie Young.

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