Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Last Day


It is 11:30am so only six and a half hours to go to the point where it is all over and I become an Immediate Past Master. However the ceremony will take place within the grandeur that is Merchant Taylor's Hall in Threadneedle Street, and amongst so many friends. Also I have been told that there are to be some surprises, so the excitement builds. Having mentioned the end, in fact I still have the interviews and recommendation of a new Clerk to the Court, a Special Court meeting, and the launch and delivery of Aim 1 of our new Strategic Plan, so still some action, but without the high profile.

Looking back, the year has been an emotional roller coaster with all aspects of it offering highs and lows. Most of these have been covered, to some extent, in my 99 blogs, each addressing a Marketor day. I am delighted to advise that I received over 1,000 hits per month so hopefully some of you now have an incite into the life of a Master and the history of the City of London, a very alive location. 

So what next? Well there is the company to roll out, the books to write, the various theatre projects, and of course the family and particularly Bea and I. But there will always be the Marketors and the many friends we have both made here and in the other Livery Companies throughout the City.

Thank you to the Marketors, and particularly the Court, for allowing us the honour of representing the Company throughout 2012. It has been an amazing experience, and one which we will never forget.

John Flynn
Master Marketor
(until 6:00pm tonight)

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