Thursday, 4 October 2012

An Enchanted Evening


The Marketors have our Annual Lecture, in fact I was with our speaker only yesterday discussing the details, while other Companies have their own special annual events. In the case of the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators it is their Annual Recital which this time was at St Mary-le-Bow in Cheapside. Timing was an issue in that I had to hot foot it from a Master & Wardens meeting at Plaisterers while others scurried from St Paul's where they had been attending the Musicians Annual Evensong. We all arrive on time, me to be greeted by the Mistress and then many old and new friends from other Liveries.

The concert was an interesting mix which started with Michael Gitkin on the magnificent Tickell organ playing the "Arbitrators Theme" followed by Handel and Bach. Next came two original piano compositions from the composer Alla Sirenko, and then a broad selection of mainly duets ranging from Mendelssohn to Hammerstein sung by soprano Ruth Holton and counter tenor Nicholas Mitchell. On rendering "Some Enchanted Evening" Nicholas reverted to tenor.  An excellent choice by the Master Arbitrator Hew Dundas which was aided by the near perfect acoustics at St Mary le Bow.

This was of course followed by the usual hospitality and a chance to mingle with the rest of the audience. A pleasant evening following an intense Master & Wardens in the afternoon. I now look forward to the meeting of the Marketing Law Group tomorrow, particularly as this will be my first since I formed it.

John Flynn
Master Marketor    

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