Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lunch at the Lords


Some while go I mentioned to our Senior Warden Sally Muggeridge that it would be nice to have lunch at the House of Lords, and lo there we were, 38 Marketors and guests in the Attlee Room with our host the Right Honourable The Baroness Royal of Blaisdon, who is Shadow Leader of the House of Lords. While the Baroness's interests include foreign policy, democratic engagement, and youth policies, it was clear from her presentation that she recognises the importance of marketing to politicians and the position of marketing as the business driver (my theme). As she mentioned in the House a month before, British industry has £700Bn on deposit awaiting an upturn in confidence. Her view was that confidence comes with action - the marketers task.

The Attlee Room brought back many memories in that it looks out across the river to St Thomas Hospital where I spent March, amongst other things, gazing at the Palace of Westminster. With the "goodie bag" at the end of the event, and a trip to the HoL Shop for a top up, those attending did not go away empty handed. It was, as expected, a delightful and relaxed event at which I was accompanied by the Mistress and son Ben with his partner Amy. Finally my thanks go to Simon Campbell-Davies who was the Event Director and who, for this event alone, dealt with over 200 emails - that is dedication.

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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