Thursday, 10 March 2011

Third Time Lucky

I don't know if there is an International Men's Day but Tuesday was International Women's Day. Somewhat over-shadowed by it also being Pancake Day, or more correctly Shrove

In 2004 the Poulters Company inaugurated the annual Inter-Livery pancake race which takes place in Guildhall Yard. Each team comprises four entrants--Master; Liveryman; Lady; and Novelty. There are many heats and a final in each category.Traditionally the Gunmakers start each heat and the finals with a bang; the Clockmakers are responsible for the accuracy of the timing; the Glovers provide the white gloves which all competitors must wear; the Musicians sing a specially composed pancake song and the Poulters provide the essential pancake ingredients: the eggs. All competitors must wear a special hat which must not fall off.

The Marketors have a good history in this classically eccentric event with PM Peter Goudge two years ago winning the Wooden Spoon race (not for loser but for Companies who could not get into the main event). Last year Liveryman Simon Campbell-Davies won the Liveryman's race and by great good fortune I was able to make it third time lucky wining this year's Masters' race.

Vociferous support was provided by a band of valiant supporters urging their representatives on. Afterwards there was a delicious buffet lunch and wine in the Guildhall Crypt. We now have an engraved  winner's copper fying pan in our office in Plaisterer's Hall. If you want to see how the race was won see below!


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