Friday, 26 February 2010

16th February Pancake Day!

A really English occasion, with grown ups in suits, dressing up in aprons, chefs' hats, gowns, medals etc and running across Guildhall yard, tossing pancakes, in the pouring rain and icy wind for an hour and a half. Any visitor would think we were completely bonkers.

The Immediate Past Master, Peter Goudge, had secured our place in the main races by his fleetness of foot last year, so we fielded competitors in all four classes. The hero of the team was Simon Campbell-Davies, who won the Liveryman's section, although I reckon Bob Burgess woz robbed when his cricket pad fell off just as he was about to claim victory. Mikki Hall upheld our honour in the Ladies section. The Marketors were fantastically well-supported by a vocal crowd of members and their families for this great half-term day out. We were certainly the noisiest group there - it was the only way to keep warm!

Lunch afterwards in Guildhall - I could have kissed the waiter offering a mug of hot soup at the door. Look at under News for videos and stills of the occasion.

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